Monthly Archives: June 2007

Using trunk(4) for cheap failover.

My home gets more and more depen­dent on an func­tion­ing Inter­net Con­nec­tion — espe­cially after I switched to VoIP. My wife would kill me if her pre­cious phone went offline because our DSL provider has prob­lems I decided to add some redun­dancy to my home net­work. My neigh­bor had a WLAN router which I could

Portable” OpenBSD ?

Most mod­ern cell­phones can be equipped with mem­ory cards and act like an USB stick when they are attached to a com­puter. Most mod­ern com­put­ers can be booted from USB — can you see where this is going ? My Sony Eriks­son W800i is equipped with a 1 GB mini-SD card which is more than enough