Portable” OpenBSD ?

Most mod­ern cell­phones can be equipped with mem­ory cards and act like an USB stick when they are attached to a com­puter. Most mod­ern com­put­ers can be booted from USB — can you see where this is going ?

My Sony Eriks­son W800i is equipped with a 1 GB mini-SD card which is more than enough to hold an OpenBSD instal­la­tion plus a few vital pack­ages, such as emacs, ngrep, etc.

After read­ing the LiveCD howto and pok­ing around the sources for the flashdist installer I came up with a work­ing solu­tion and the entire process took only a few hours.

I vir­tu­ally never leave home with­out my cell­phone so now I can carry the full power of OpenBSD in my pocket where ever I go …


  • So you can actu­ally boot a com­puter from your cell phone. Very cool. Can you tether to an inter­net con­nec­tion from your cell phone on OpenBSD, too?

  • admin wrote:

    Sure, as long as OpenBSD sup­ports the net­work inter­faces present in the machine that I boot on. It’ essen­tially the same as boot­ing OpenBSD from a sec­ond hard drive, a flash card or an USB hard drive. Right now I am try­ing to improve my instal­la­tion so that I can use IPSec to estab­lish a VPN tun­nel to my server so that I can access the Inter­net securely, like when using library com­put­ers or an Inter­net Café to check my mail when I am on vaca­tion. I have been fol­low­ing your blog for some time so you are on my blogroll now.

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