Monthly Archives: August 2007

Is WPA finally coming to OpenBSD ?

Well, accord­ing to recent com­mits by devel­oper Damien Bergamini it sure looks that way … Good news for the road­war­ri­ers amongst us.

Customizing an OpenBSD install

One of OpenBSD’s cool fea­tures is the install process itself. It’s fast and cus­tomiz­able. I often have the need to install iden­ti­cal OpenBSD sys­tems, such as fire­walls or clus­ter mem­bers and the install process makes this extremely easy. Every file­set that you can choose through the OpenBSD installer is a sim­ple tar­ball that is extracted

A very useful TRAMP.

The TRAMP that I am refer­ring to is the Trans­par­ent Remote Access Mul­ti­ple Pro­to­col mod­ule for emacs, my favorite edi­tor. Using TRAMP I can edit files remotely from within emacs using either smb, ftp, rsync, sftp, scp, rsh, rcp or ssh as trans­port pro­to­cols. Now, the abil­ity to edit files remotely is noth­ing new or

Why reading CVS commit logs matters

Let me tell you a lit­tle secret — part of my suc­cess with OpenBSD has to do with the fact that I read their CVS com­mit logs. Why ? Imag­ine if you could track every bug fix, every fea­ture enhance­ment, every dri­ver addi­tion or every doc­u­men­ta­tion change done by the OpenBSD devel­op­ers ? Well, you can