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The art of benchmarking and performance evaluations

Over the last cou­ple of years I have done a lot of bench­mark­ing and per­for­mance eval­u­a­tion work. When a mem­ber of my team comes up with a good idea or drags some new tech­nol­ogy into the office the first remark usu­ally is  ” How does it per­form and will it scale? ” Today I will be

Why ZFS rocks for databases …

My series of posts regard­ing Bac­ula has resulted in a num­ber of ques­tions about why we have large MySQL data­bases on ZFS. This post will give you a birds-eye view on  exactly why ZFS is so cool for data­base deploy­ments. If you do not know what ZFS is you should read this. Data Integrity Data